Askrigg to Mill Gill

About 3.5 miles (5.63km)

The walk starts at the church at the west of Askrigg. Follow the down road as you pass over the bridge. Immediately turn left down the left-side the beck to enter a woodland. Continue straight-ahead on path sign-post, ‘Mill Gill only’ to reach the falls.

Return to the path that leads up the side of the wood. At the top left corner, leave the wood. Go straight-ahead following the footpath sign for Helm, passing through fields to emerge on a road. Turn right up the road to emerge in Helm.
Reach the guesthouse in Helm. Turn right on the path to climb through fields to reach the gill.
When you reach the gill. Keep to left-hand of the gill and go up a path as you continue up it towards a footbridge and Whitefield Gill Force.
Go over the footbridge and go steeply up the other the other side of the gill to reach Low Straights Lane. Continue along this lane for about 1 mile until just before a ford. Turn right here passing a gate and head straight down through fields. Pass through two gate stiles as path eventually bears left to reach the next corner of the field to a smaller stile. From this stile, bear left at a barn with arched doorway. Continue on this path that leads back to village to village of Askrigg, emerging next to the Crown Inn in Askrigg where the walk concludes and finishes.

24th August 2015  -  Walks