Aysgarth Falls and Bolton Castle

About 7 miles (11.27km)

Start at Aysgarth Falls National Park Visitor Centre. From the visitor centre, turn right along the path to the Middle and Lower Falls. Cross over the road and go straight-ahead to enter Freeholders Wood. Continue straight-forward and follow the signs for Bolton Castle. This sign points away from the river and along a wooden fence.

Continue along this path as you pass through Hollins House. After you have passed the house, take the path to the right and go across the meadow. When you reach a wall, don’t go through them. Instead go through two gates whilst keeping the wall on your right. Continue straight-ahead to reach Thoresby Lane. Continue along this narrow lane, will Bolton castle in view. Keep on this narrow lane until you reach Low Thoresby farm. After 50 yards passed Thoresby farm, turn left via a footbridge. Continue straight-ahead passing through two hay meadows to meet a road. Pass over the road with care and go straight-up the opposite road which leads to Bolton Castle. Continue straight-ahead on this road to emerge at Bolton Castle.

At Bolton Castle, go round the castle and past the parish church of St Oswald. Walk through a gate and follow the double farm track for next 2½ miles (4.02kn). When the farm road ends, continue straight-forward through a gate. Keeping the wall on your left, follow this track after crossing a stream first. Continue along this track for awhile before the path eventually descends to join a walled lane. Continue along this path which leads to a road and in Carperby.
Turn right onto the road and go as far as Wheatseaf. Turn right along the path. Continue straight-ahead to pass through a couple fields to emerge Freeholders’s wood. Just inside the wood turn right and then left to emerge once again on another road. Turn left on the road and pass over the railway bridge to emerge once again in Aysgarth Falls National Park Visitor Centre.

24th August 2015  -  Walks